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A2 :: 395 x 594mm     // Limited Edition :: 50
A1 ::  560 x 841mm     // Limited Edition :: 25
A0 :: 7926 x 1189mm // Limited Edition :: 10

I’d always been drawn to old fashioned launch’s in a mortified sort of way, that it looked like someone had taken a james bond boat of the 70s and crossed it with a passenger ferry. As it turns out, my grandfather used to build the first launches in Auckland. So it was settled then, a retro launch it was. The decorative mast isn’t a symbol of religion, but could be perceived as the results of European colonization, the subsequent efforts of missionaries converting everyone to Christianity. the Muri Paraoa (Whale Tail) within the boarder is a significant symbol - a good luck charm providing safe passage over water.

It’s not only women that are blatantly heralded for their physical form, after all. Throughout history famous and anonymous men, the type you might check out on cover of ‘Strength’ magazine — from Jack Lalanne of the 1940s to Arnold Schwarzenegger of the 70s - have been popularly depicted with oiled-up muscles, brawn-strutting pin-up poses in some miscellaneous activity that involves flexing and stretching. It’s cheesy. It’s shameless and I say, behold this vintage eye candy if you so fancy.

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