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Ben & Jerry's

1600 x 1200mm

Ben & Jerry's ice cream started in Vermont 1978 when a couple of stoner mates who wagged gym class together, loved to eat and failed to hold down an education or any job - so they decided to make their own ice-cream whilst probably baked, but unlike other bud loving hippies - they actually did it - after completing a night course they opened their first shop in a dilapidated gas station. Today they make 20million a year and have stores worldwide - who say's you need an education?  And of course that's Farrah Fawcett, the big haired bombshell, the icon of the 70's tacked to every boys bedroom wall and probably Ben & Jerry's.  Why not relive the 70s again and tack up something a little more lasting than a poster.

This artwork is currently being exhibited at Galleria GUM, Wynwood, Miami, Florida.  


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