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Ben & Jerry's PinUp Print



A3 :: 20 x 14" // Limited Edition :: 100

A2 :: 26 x 18" // Limited Edition :: 50

A1 :: 37 x 25" // Limited Edition :: 25

A0 :: 50 x 37" // Limited Edition :: 10


A1 :: 37 x 25" // Limited Edition :: 10

A0 :: 50 x 37" // Limited Edition :: 5

Ben & Jerry's is lively celebration of iconic brands and the pin-up girl era.  Travel back with me to the 40 and 50s, and celebrate the heaven-sent knockouts of the period, whose images were made for slapdash display, flaunted on calendars and held pride-of-place on the wall of the mechanic's workshop.  I've painted these lovely ladies combining their alluring curves with some of the things we hold dear.  The result is a sexy blend of nostalgia and of the most enduring combination of all - sex and selling.

Ben & Jerry's ice cream started in Vermont 1978 when a couple of stoner mates who wagged gym class together, loved to eat and failed to hold down an education or any job - so they decided to make their own ice-cream whilst probably baked, but unlike other bud loving hippies - they actually did it - after completing a night course they opened their first shop in a dilapidated gas station. Today they make 20million a year and have stores worldwide - who say's you need an education?  And of course that's Farrah Fawcett, the big haired bombshell, the icon of the 70's tacked to every boys bedroom wall and probably Ben & Jerry's.  Why not relive the 70s again and tack up something a little more lasting than a poster.

Ben & Jerry's was part of an American PinUp collection, specifically painted for an exhibition at Galleria GUM,   Wynwood, Miami.    Then in 2015 some of the works were represented at the annual international art fair, ART BASEL in Miami.   Since then, the gallery owner has vanished with all of my art, a years worth, as well as the other seven artists works.   The FBI can’t track down Andreas Pasin and none of us artists have the resources to take it further, so if you have any information as to the where a bouts of these original artworks, please get in touch.   Unfortunately there’s people out there like this guy who don’t support the artist, however,   I really appreciate your support !

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