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Extra Virgin

1500 x 1000mm

A slippery celebration of an iconic Auckland brand soaked in seduction.
Having fancy olive oil became a household commodity in New Zealand during the early 2000's, where just about every local market had at least 3 stalls selling the stuff, infused with everything from lemon to garlic. Good old 'Lupi' from the supermarket wasn't good enough for salad's anymore, or the newly fashionable nibbles dish - `Dukkah. I chose The Simunovich family olive oil, as they were one of the first who began cultivating the olive oil on the Bombay Hills of Auckland, and prior to that, the beautiful island of Brac, Croatia. The Dalmatians first arrived in NZ in the 1880's, a lot of them planted wine in west Auckland. When I was 12 years old a new girl came to our class in In the early 1990s. It wasn't until I was older that I realised, just like the families in the 1880's, her family would have been coming for a better life, escaping the wars in the Balkans that tore Yugoslavia apart. Auckland is a little city with a big melting-pot of culture.
I've transported this lovely lady into the modern era and combined her alluring curves with some of the things that New Zealanders hold dear.  The result, a sexy blend of nostalgia and kiwiana, of sensuality and consumability, and of the most enduring combination of all - sex and selling.

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