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Things Go Better With Coke


'Things Go Better With Coke' was the company's advertising slogan in 1963 - to me it was the winner out of all their tag lines, just too good not to use especially with my subject matter. Most advertising is blatantly 'sex sells', I feel like I just pushed it that little bit further making it almost hilarious with a busty, wet swimmer surfacing from your glass of coke.

Coca Cola imports eight tons of coca leaf from South America each year, a substance that, if carried by anyone else, would be called "drug trafficking"
Since the late 1800's Coca-Cola contained anywhere between 9 and 60 milligrams of cocaine per glass all the way up until 1929 when it was removed using "spent" leaves instead of fresh, the leftovers of the cocaine-extraction process with trace levels of cocaine. At this point all the doctors and dentists who were prescribing coke to their patients actually had to start addressing their medical problems instead of sending them home with more cocaine. Coca-Cola then replaced it with another highly addictive ingredient - Kola nut (Caffeine).
Regardless, Coca-Cola maintains a prominent place in American history. It's pure Americana. After all, what could better describe American culture than a heavily marketed beverage originally based on hard drugs that now contributes to the diabetes and obesity of an entire nation? What could be more American than that?


A3 :: 20 x 14" // Limited Edition :: 100

A2 :: 26 x 18" // Limited Edition :: 50

A1 :: 37 x 25" // Limited Edition :: 25

A0 :: 47 x 33" // Limited Edition :: 10


A1 :: 35 x 23" // Limited Edition :: 10

A0 :: 47 x 33" // Limited Edition :: 5


Each Limited Edition Giclee and Canvas print is hand signed and numbered by me the artist.  Giclee Prints are on beautifully heavy archival Hahnemühle stock, certified by the Fine Art Guild.  

Both Canvas and Paper print as made using lightfast inks to keep your artwork looking as vibrant as the day you first set eyes on it for 100+ years. Remember paper prints that are framed will see it's lifetime double that of one left in it's tube under your bed.

Canvas prints are made with 10oz, 100% cotton duck, acid free primed are then varnished with a UV protectant and stretched over a wooden frame.

The original artwork of this print is currently being exhibited in  Wynwood. Miami. Florida. Represented by:  Galleria GUM   


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