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Jello PinUp Print

- There's more bounce with every ounce -

This painting was roused shall we say, by playfully combining, quite simply, two puddings that, well, wobble and bounce.


A2 :: 409 x 594mm     // Limited Edition :: 50

A1 :: 580 x 841mm      // Limited Edition :: 25

A0 :: 820 x 1189mm    // Limited Edition :: 10


A1 :: 580 x 841mm      // Limited Edition :: 10

A0 :: 820 x 1189mm    // Limited Edition :: 5

Jell-O was once only for the well-to-do in the Victorian era, and became the mainstream product we fondly remember from our childhood with the help of new technologies such as refrigeration. Its popularity hitting an all time high during the baby boomer years.  The dazling colour of Jelly in its exciting, mysterious form, still a wonder as an adult, set the scene, inspiring the drama of a vintage travelling carnival with rides, games of chance, freak shows and burlesque taking audiences on a journey into fantasy and spectacle - just like Jelly.  Who better to combine Jell-O with than the American house hold name, the biggest in Burlesque, Dita Von Tesse, a beauty styled on 1930s cabarets and clubs.

Be prepared for this printed artwork to take you on a journey of fantasy and spectacle.  

This painting was specifically created for an exhibition at Galleria GUM,  Wynwood, Miami.  Then in 2015 some of the works were represented at the annual international art fair, ART BASEL in Miami.  Since then, the Gallery owner has vanished with all of my art, a years worth of work, as well as the other seven artists works.  The FBI can’t track Andreas Pasin down and none of us artists have the resources to take it further, so if you have any information as to the where a bouts of these original artworks, please get in touch.  Unfortunately there’s people out there like this guy who don’t support the artist, however,  I really appreciate your support  


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