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Tabasco Sauce PinUp Print


Hola! This work plays on a hot Mexican gene coming out of a bottle of Tabasco Sauce - it's amazing what comes out of those tiny bottles.  The PinUp is inspired by the gorgeous Sofia Vergara (from Modern Family) for that Latina look to match the Mexican Tabasco Sauce, but, it's actually made in Louisiana.  


A2 :: 420 x 594mm     // Limited Edition :: 50
A1 ::  594 x 841mm     // Limited Edition :: 25
A0 :: 841 x 1189mm    // Limited Edition :: 10


A1 ::  594 x 841mm     // Limited Edition :: 25
A0 :: 841 x 1189mm    // Limited Edition :: 10


The original painting was specifically created for an exhibition at Galleria GUM,  Wynwood, Miami. Then in 2015 some of the works were represented at the annual international art fair, ART BASEL in Miami.  Since, the Gallery owner has vanished with all of my art, a years worth of work, as well as the other seven artists works.  The FBI can’t track Andreas Pasin down and none of us artists have the resources to take it further, so if you have any information as to the where a bouts of these original artworks, please get in touch.  Unfortunately there’s people out there like this guy who don’t support the artist, however,  I really appreciate your support !




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