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Break Original Painting

1200 x 800cm

I did 5 years in England and didn’t want to leave, however, I moved back to Auckland and have spent a the last 6months living nowhere, living out of a bag, housesitting. Amongst everything I’m doing,  I’m making art and it’s good because it’s always a different environment to create in. You have different reference points when you’re in different spaces. There’s a different mindset when you’re set up in a permanent studio.  New Zealand is in the middle of nowhere and living out here really emphasises that feeling of isolation and remoteness in this wild corner of the world.  I think its the scale of change out here that really captured me, into a kind of madness, loosing myself in the clouds.  It feels like this might be my most personal piece to date.  The journey in this painting has been full of frustration, hurt, anger, sorrow and acceptance, a subconscious processing of a past life and coming to terms with a new one.  Its not just art that’s a work in progress  

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