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1200 x 800mm

There are warriors who transcend toughness and resilience, cutting a fine line between the brave and the reckless. In search of that perfect moment, when piston thighs and calves strung like a bow whistle in the wind. The symbiotic mechanics of body and machine sing a harmony of sweat and oil. Every calorie capturing cell in their bodies ignites in a wave, leaving a cloak of fatigue in their wake. And yet they continue on, as a whipped horse to the cruel master of their spirit's livid determination.

Saucer-eyed devotees fog the roadside to catch a slim sliver of silver chrome as their idols dart pass. They conquer Dartmoor like spartans yet sustain a humble reverence for the ruthless brutality she chooses to withhold.

Rachael's work is typified by affectionate parody, gentle wit and technical precision as she explores the icons and imagery of bygone eras. This series captures the economic crafting of mid-twentieth century travel marketing art. It strives to honour the astonishing and painstaking precision of this form, while paying homage to postcard visions of both her native New Zealand and her new home in Devon, England.

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