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Gypsy Blue

1200 x 1200mm

We drove down a dirt track to the beach on a surf trip in Taranaki. While the boys were checking out the waves I went for a little wander and came across this 2 toned blue house-bus fenced off with driftwood and an old Taranaki gate, those ridiculous flimsy ones that don’t exactly swing open, but instead collapse onto one side. Adorning the fence was a rollock from a rowboat, a buoy, fishing nets and numerous other bits of boating paraphernalia. 
I grew up on the privileged suburban shores of Auckland in a huge house so seeing a family living in a wee housebus in my own country was something of a novelty and rather exciting.  Wow! I thought, a life of freedom, travel and adventure.  Well it seems I’m not the only one who likes this idea, it’s estimated that there are some 30-40 million nomads in the world.  We were all at one time or another nomadic people roaming about for pasture. But traditional nomadic behavior is increasingly rare these days since we’ve all become modern, industrialized countries, which is probably why I was so excited by it. 

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