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Sure to Rise

1000 x 750mm

The Edmonds Cookery Book is probably the most popular of the Edmonds products. In the early years every couple who announced their engagement in the paper received a free copy.  In 1955 the first Deluxe Edition went on sale, the same one we use today with its familiar spiral binding and image of the Edmonds Christchurch factory on the front.  But all of this happened after Tom Edmonds created his first batch of baking powder in Linwood, Christchurch 1879.  His superior product and his long standing tagline 'Sure to Rise' spread like butter throughout New Zealand's kitchen's with the cook book an added extra to follow. This rising agent was perfect for my subject matter, the sun rising up the back of her legs, and most obvious - her boobs causing something else to rise.  Yes folks - it's as blatant as ever - the oldest trick in the book, the combination of sex and selling.

For further reading about the collection, here's the Artist's Statement

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